Phillip Janca

TEKNA Manufacturing, LLC

Phillip Janca

Phillip Janca is a Deep Diving Manned Submersible Pilot, Commercial Saturation Diver, Diving Research Officer, Scuba Instructor, Underwater Welder, Bell Operator/Diver, Mixed Gas Diver, Hyperbaric Life Support Technician. Phillip has thousands of hours piloting manned submersibles and has spent a great deal of his life on the sea floor working on subsea structures. 

TEKNA Manufacturing, LLC is a true Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Systems. We turn flat plates of steel into finished pressure vessels.

In business since 1989, the founders of TEKNA have been involved with diving hyperbaric medicine since 1973 and clinical hyperbaric medicine since 1976.

Our Class A Multiplace and Class B Monoplace HBOT systems have been FDA 510(k) cleared since 12/07/2000 and all of our pressure vessels are ASME, National Board, and NFPA-99 and PVHO-1 compliant. Our Class C systems are ASME and NFPA compliant to the latest addenda.