HBOT Chamber

Essential for Team Veteran Foundation's Mission

Team Veteran Foundation has been offered an opportunity to acquire a 10 seat TEKNA 8400 D/L multiplace HBOT chamber for $305,000 plus the cost of shipping the unit to the Phoenix area and site setup. This unit is sitting idle in Texas, not treating anyone with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This unit is wheelchair accessible and three times the size of the chamber where founder Gordon Brown was treated for his TBI.

Hyperbaric Chamber Building
Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber
Hyperbaric Control Center

The unit is housed in a portable self-contained building with A/C and heat included. This is an offer of a lifetime as the units normally sell for $950,000+ without the building. What will you do to help Team Veteran Foundation? Anything will help $5, $10, $20…… onetime or recurring. Help us #StopTheClock 

For any donor at the $25,000+ PLATINUM level of sponsorship, the donor and their immediate family will receive free HBOT treatments for life. Team Veteran Foundation is also set up to accept ACH bank transfers.

This facility will be open to the public 7 days per week to treat everyone with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for over 60 different conditions. Here are the conditions. The cost for an hour treatment “dive” is between $120 to $150.

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