MilSaver is an online shopping site featuring over 500 stores including the best-known names in retail. The site features 1000’s of coupons to help you save money while shopping online. The site was set up for the express purpose to provide funding for veteran groups and military non-profits/charities. Every purchase through the site helps! Donations are based on the number of votes each group gets through our Charity Chooser. BUT, just because you vote does not mean that we will be able to help. You MUST Shop online through!

Why was created to answer the call to do more for our veterans. After 2 years of meeting with veteran groups and being a part of 3 veteran councils it became readily apparent that the groups closest to our veterans had the least amount of money to help them. The well known and well-funded national organizations are not doing enough for our veterans, so a better way to provide funding to these smaller vital veteran groups had to be found. Asking our veterans to rely on handouts, charity, grants and fundraisers I felt was ridiculous, these are our veterans and they deserve more. was created to be a virtual ATM to provide funding to these groups. But, we can only do what we do with your help!

Why You Should Use

Using is Free. If you shop online, like to save money and support our veterans and military please shop at Tell your friends too because the more people saving money while shopping online the more veterans we can help!

How can you help?

Shop at, Like us on Facebook here, tell your friends to support us to. If you have a website let us put a link on your site, if you have an organization ask your members to support us in an email blast! Book mark the site and come back often!

Team Veteran Foundation is listed under Charity Chooser.

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