PJJR Ranch

Team Veteran Foundation & LLC has had great conversations with Mike at PJJR Ranch. Check out their awesome video intro on their web site. We are pleased that the Ranch operates at a family partnership level and that they volunteer their time, not taking portions of the donations received to live on.

“The PJJR Ranch was founded to assist Veterans through equine therapy and to raise funds for children who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. Equine therapy is simply pairing a Veteran with a horse and showing them how to take care of them and make that special connection to get to a new place in their life. There is a very special bond between a person and a horse.

We also have a soft spot for children who have losted loved ones in the line of duty. We help them and their families ease some of the financial burdens that come from loosing someone in the line of duty.

Let us show you how you can make that special connection today.”