PJJR Ranch

Team Veteran Foundation & LLC has had great conversations with Mike at PJJR Ranch. Check out their awesome video intro on their web site. We are pleased that the Ranch…

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Sisters in Service 2020

The 2019 donation basket... Previous Next Donating a gift basket & helps announce the 2020 event in Utah for Women Veterans! ... Please Joins us as we celebrate Utah's women…

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Oxygen Instead of Medication

Oxygen Instead of Medication

Daily there are 22 to 30 Veterans dying by suicide and many believe these are completely voluntary acts. Many say suicide is a cowardly act and I say these people do not know the facts behind these suicides.

Prescription Medication Spilling From an Open Medicine Bottle

Currently the protocol used by the VA for treating Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the use of psychotropic drugs. Since a TBI is a physical injury of the brain, why would they use psychotropic drugs for the treatment of that injury? Treating a TBI with psychotropic drugs makes as much sense as treating a broken leg with the same drugs, both are physical injuries and neither is going to have positive results from the drugs. (more…)

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