A Lifetime At War – Blown Up 7 Times

Gordy Ewell is a name that is known in the Veteran community, even more so since he wrote the Army training manual on IED’s – Improvised Explosive Devices.

Here’s his story in a short interview done by Drop Zone Media and Special Forces Sgt. Major Kenneth Baschke, aka Cowboy Ken.

Gordon L. Ewell shares about his 5th book A Lifetime At War:

Gordy has offered a portion of his royalty proceeds from his 5th book to help the mission of Team Veteran Foundation.

You may purchase Gordy’s books, including this one, at a number of different sites just search his name.

For those die-hard online Amazon shoppers:

If you shop on Amazon.com, did you know that at //smile.amazon.com you can use your same Amazon login, while selecting a charity for Amazon to donate to? The donations comes from Amazon’s profits. To select Team Veteran Foundation as your charity for Amazon to donate to you’ll need to jump over to Smile.Amazon.com, go to the Select Charitable Organization tool, search for and select Team Veteran Foundation, Inc.

Then support your charitable organization by always starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com – it’s the same as Amazon.com, but for donations to be made by Amazon, we need to shop through Smile.Amazon.com.

Click the book cover below to go to his own site: