HBOT dives Day 2

Sept 22: Today I started my 2nd dive at 0800, there were two additional “divers” there with me and as we started the compression I had some trouble with equalizing my ears. I strongly suggest chewing gum during your dive. The chamber was a little warm after the compression period that takes you to the level of 1.75 atmosphere absolute AKA (ATA).

For me, it has become obvious that I require a little higher pressure of the oxygen on the intake hose. That was adjusted almost immediately and the rest of the dive was very routine. This being my second dive of the 40 consecutive dives that I will be receiving to attempt in healing my traumatic brain injury. I am working on a routine so that it becomes very natural. Since I was a Master Scuba Diver a lot of this is very familiar to me, reminds me of starting a dive in Guam as you would slowly equalize your ears as you continued to greater depths. Stay hydrated. Sweating profusely, everyone else appears to be comfortable.