HBOT dives Day 5

Sept 25: Today was my 5th dive and there were three other divers for this session. I am beginning to get into a rhythm with the dives and work on the word search magazine or watch the American History channel. (In this chamber there is a TV located outside the porthole at the end of the chamber, great distraction.) I am still sweating profusely. After the dive I was extremely energized and after finishing several medical orders I hit the gym. Did my 5,000-meter rowing and a full resistance training program. I have completed five dives and went through a period of adjustment.

Sometimes at the beginning, middle or towards the end of the dive you might feel a little claustrophobic. Although I spent many years in very close quarters aboard ships and spent many years as a Dive Master that feeling can surface at any time. In my situation there is a technician in the chamber who is continually checking on you AND that is reassuring as you get use to the routine. Dive was at 2.2 ATA.